Sunday, September 15, 2019 Retired Pastor Jimmy Meeks will be speaking “The Heart of the Father"".



       Jimmy Meeks has been a Southern Baptist minister since 1973. He is a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University. Jimmy served as a police Officer from 1980 through December of 2015 (Shawnee, OK and Hurst, TX). 

      During his time on the force, he combined police work with ministry, reaching out to police officers across the   country with the gospel. He also served as pastor from 1993-2005 in the Ft Worth area. 

       Jimmy is currently the leader of Sheepdog Seminars, a  ministry that helps churches create safe atmospheres in which to worship. He has conducted such seminars in over 35 states. 

       In 1977 Jimmy served with Southern Baptist Home    Mission Board, preaching revivals across the northwest. His immediate supervisor was Dr Dan Nelson. 

       Jimmy and his wife reside in Ft Worth, Texas. They have 6 children and 4 grandchildren.