Sunday December 17 Overcoming Persecution and Martyrdom Heb. 11:35-40

Faithful unto death.jpg

We close our study of the Faith Chapter: Hebrews 11 Sunday with a look at those who suffered even to death for Christ. Although, we have not been called to do that yet, we need to learn from their example of facing fear, persecution and suffering through an overcoming faith in Christ. Pastor Dan will be sharing how God sees in the midst of suffering and how we can be encouraged to overcome it. Join us as we examine this timely message Sunday.

December 10 Faith in the Unexpected Sunday in message on Overcoming Obstacles to Faith in Hebrews 11


We are back in Hebrews 11 this Sunday covering some of the Unnamed and Surprising Characters in the Hall of Faith. Gideon is one of those characters. He wondered why God would call him to deliver Israel. The last part of the chapter is full of people like Gideon who are really unexpected characters God called and exercised faith despite some of their flaws. Come hear about these characters and their interesting exploits by these character as Pastor Dan shares with us.  

Sunday: November 26, Navy Chaplin: Jason Sluder to speak Sunday at First Baptist Church

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Chaplin Jason Sluder will speaking for Pastor Dan Sunday at First Baptist Church Camarillo. Jason has filled the pulpit several times for him. Jason is a native of South Carolina and is married to Tracie. They have 4 lovely children: 3 girls and 1 son who is their most recent addition to the family. Jason is a graduate of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky and has served as a pastor as well as Chaplin in many varied locations. We welcome him this Sunday as he will share with us out of the depths of God's Word.

Sunday November 19, Overcoming Obstacles to Faith: Sermon 6: Overcoming Situations that Immobilize Us (Moses, Joshua and Rahab)

The Lord opens the Red Sea Through Moses Leadership.

The Lord opens the Red Sea Through Moses Leadership.

The walls of Jericho fall

The walls of Jericho fall

Immobilizing Problems can stop us in our tracks without us knowing what to do next. The Israelites  were in this situation when they came to the Red Sea. They later came to Jericho and could not defeat the city humanly speaking. Rahab believed in Israel's God and did not want to be destroyed with the city. What should she do? Pastor Dan will be dealing with crippling events in our lives that call for action and listening to the Lord. It is thrilling subject to learn how God takes us thru our deepest trials and keeps us going through faith. Join us Sunday as Pastor Dan deals with this timely subject when we are immobilized by trials and what we are to do.  

Sunday Nov. 12, Overcoming Obstacle to Faith: Moses and Worlidiness

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Moses chose to follow God and lead his people out of slavery instead of living in sin's pleasures only for a season. The reason he did this was he saw Him who was invisible. The only way you can do that is through faith. Pastor Dan will be sharing about overcoming the fatal flaws of worldliness using Moses as an example. Please join us for this exciting sermon this Sunday.

Sunday November 5 Sermon: Sermon 5 on Overcoming Obstacles to Faith: Overcoming a Great Trial to our Faith Abraham' call to sacrifice Isaac

Abraham sacraficing Issac 2.jpg

What a strange request of God to make: For Abraham to sacrifice the promised child Isaac as an offering to God. God was just testing his obedience and it offered a perfect picture of what God was willing to do in Jesus going to the cross and dying for out sins. This obstacle Pastor Dan will be talking about is overcoming Severe Trials to our Faith. It may be one of the greatest tests to our faith. We can learn a lot about our faith in such a time of crisis. See how the story really speaks to all of us about following God and the outcome of our faith as we see also how it pictures Christ sacrifice. Join us Sunday to hear more.

Oct. 22 Sunday Sermon: Overcoming the Obstacles to Faith. Noah; Overcoming Doom

II Peter2:25 says Noah was a Preacher of Righteousness. Hear is warning about the flood.

II Peter2:25 says Noah was a Preacher of Righteousness. Hear is warning about the flood.

We will be continuing in our Study on the Hall of Faith in Hebrews 11 Pastor Dan will be speaking on overcoming the Obstacle of Doom. Noah's faith moved by the fear of God to do His will above anything else is examined and helps us in overcoming impending doom. How do we deal with a coming catastrophe? Noah's faith is a beacon in this respect. Pastor Dan will be sharing about how we stand against skepticism, watch out for family and have invincible faith in the face of impending doom. It's a very timely message and practical for today.

(October 15) Sunday Sermon: Cameron Schweitzer

Cameron Schwitzer.png

Cameron Schweitzer,  who works in the Student Service Department of the Gateway Seminary in Ontario, CA will be our guest speaker this Sunday. He is representing one of the 6 Southern Baptist Seminaries and the only ones on the West Coast. He has a Master of Divinity degree from Gateway and is currently working on a Master of Theology degree. He will be sharing about the opportunities for Seminary education and will preaching. It will be great to hear this native of Redlands, CA who has been invited by Pastor Dan to speak for us.

Sunday Oct. 8, Overcoming Obstacles to Faith: Sermon 2 (Overcoming Death:Enoch the Man who Walked with God)

Enoch the Man who Walked with God.jpg

Only one verse in the Hall of Faith Chapter of Hebrews 11 describes this fascinating picture of a man who walked with God so deeply that God took him home to be with Him without seeing death. Only Elijah is the only other person in the Old Testament that had this privilege. We are told he walked with God but how did he do it? Pastor Dan believes the next verse tells us why God took him for it fits the definition of what true faith is and how Enoch must have possessed it. Come hear about this wonderful figure. Are there lessons we can learn from Enoch's walk with God. Hear about it Sunday as Pastor Dan describes how to walk with God in faith.

Sunday: Oct. 1, Overcoming Obstacles to Faith: Sermon 1 Abel: Overcoming Hostility to the Gospel

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A rich cornucopia of Old Testament characters feature how faith can overcome any obstacle in your life. Pastor Dan will be dealing with selected characters and events in what has affectionately been called: 'The Hall of Faith" of the Bible. Hebrews 11 gives a practical picture of how faith overcomes a variety of situations. The first obstacle is when people are hostile toward the gospel message. Abel's faith shines forth as a wonderful example of dealing with his brother's hostility to him. Pastor Dan will be dealing with this great chapter in the Bible over the next few Sundays. Join us for this exciting series that will help you be an overcomer wherever you are in your relationship to Christ.

Sunday Presentation: Pastor Dan Nelson Impersonating George Whitefield (The Great Evangelist of the First Great Awakening). To introduce his new book

Pastor Dan giving the Whitefield impersonation at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

Pastor Dan giving the Whitefield impersonation at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

Pastor Dan Nelson is presenting a drama on the life of George Whitefield, the lead evangelist of the First Great Awakening in America and Britain. This is the 3rd time our pastor has presented the drama. This presentation is a modified version and is presented to correspond with the book Pastor Dan has presently had released on Whitefield: A Burning and Shining Light: The Testimony and Witness of George Whitefield. Some interesting facts about Whitefield you may not know are:
-He is the father of crusade evangelism, preaching to thousands in the open air.
-He made 7 trips across the Atlantic to America, when only once was the norm for most people
-Although he was a British Citizen, he is buried in America, under the pulpit of the Old South Church in Newburyport, Massachusetts in the basement.
-He established the longest continuous running orphanage and school in America through the Bethesda Orphanage.
-5 out of 6 people in America’s 2 million population then heard him personally preach.
-Patrick Henry, copied from Whitefield’s oratory skills and spoke as he did.
-Benjamin Franklin was a good friend. Together they founded the University of Pennsylvania, where a statue of Whitefield remains today.
-He is known as the father of evangelicalism that unites believers in the gospel message.
-The impact of his ministry made him one of the most influential preachers of all time.

Join us Sunday for this interesting, informative and inspirational events.

Sunday Message: Sept. 17, 2017 Expectations of Christ-likeness I Pet. 2:21-25, II Cor. 4:10, I John 2:6

Following in His Steps.jpg

Jesus calls us to follow Him and live the way He did with the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit when we come to Christ. So, how does one live like Jesus? It is impossible without the Holy Spirit living within us. It isn't just an automatic action you will take to naturally. There are certain steps to take as we follow in the steps of Christ that put us in this pathway. It is like tuning the TV to the channel you want it. You don't wait of the TV to turn on naturally. Pastor Dan examines this process in his Sunday message that is bound to challenge you.

Realities of God's Presence in Our Lives Sunday Sermon September 10, 2017

God's Evidence in our Lives.jpg

How do I know that have a relationship with God? Paul did say to Examine Yourself to see if You be of the Faith II Cor. 13:4. There are basics we need to have that give evidence our faith is real. We also have expectations about what will happen in our lives when we have Christ in our life. Pastor Dan will speak on these realities Sunday to help us see what these evidences and expectations are.

The Strength of Believing Faith Sunday sermon: September 3, 2017

One, the rare incidences in the Old Testament of someone being raised from the dead in the raising of the Shumenite woman's son.

One, the rare incidences in the Old Testament of someone being raised from the dead in the raising of the Shumenite woman's son.

Elisha, the man of God sees God do one of the greatest miracles in the Old Testament in the raising the Shunammite woman's son from the dead. Elisha was provided for in his ministry by this woman's family. When she asked nothing for her hospitality, he promises she will have a child who had previously been childless. She has the child who in the process of growing up dies. The miracle is one of the greatest in all the Bible. The woman's faith though is what is on display for it is a believing one that gives her strength to see the child raised. We learn so much from Elisha and the Woman's faith that Pastor Dan will be sharing. Join us for this interesting study.

Sunday Sermon August 27: Important Factors in Worship John 4:20-24: Jesus Conversation with the Woman at the Well about Worship

Jesus startling the Woman at the Well with his teaching.

Jesus startling the Woman at the Well with his teaching.

Jesus conversation with the woman at the well prompted a discussion of worship. Jesus gave some revolutionary truths to her that if were to follow would change our worship of God. These truths especially apply to today with all the different styles of worship. Pastor Dan looks at where we are to worship, who we are to worship and how worship ought to change us. Its a thrilling study from the one we are to worship and who gives keys to doing it right in this passage.  Don't miss it this Sunday.

Special Speaker: Sunday August 20, Dr. Bill Agee, Executive Director California Southern Baptist Convention

Bill Agee accepting positon of Executive Director of California Southern Baptist Convenition in May of this year

Bill Agee accepting positon of Executive Director of California Southern Baptist Convenition in May of this year

Biographical Information on Dr. Agee

Bill Agee serves as executive director of California Southern Baptist Convention and is responsible for leading Executive Board staff to resource churches to minister in their communities and win people to Jesus.

Agee, elected in May 2017, has a varied ministry career which includes serving as a church planter, senior pastor, director of missions, staff member at the North American Mission Board and as a senior staff member of a mega-church.

His vision is to dominate resourcing the vision of CSBC churches and differentiating the Convention by planting strong, healthy churches and revitalizing existing churches. The Oklahoma native's leadership style is to assess the situation, develop a plan, staff the vision, implement the plan and follow up in order to do it again.

He sees California as a challenge and wants to partner with CSBC churches to push back the darkness for 33 million souls in California who do not know Jesus.

Bill has been married to his wife, Pam, for more than 40 years. They have a son and a daughter and three grandchildren.

God's Massacre at Midnight : Sunday Morning Message for August 13, 2017 10:30 AM

The King was unprepared for the sudden message of judgment

The King was unprepared for the sudden message of judgment

Are there parallels between the destruction of Babylon and our country?. Certainly, God's judgment will catch many unprepared as it did Belshazzar in his decadent feast. Pastor Dan will draw a comparison and see what we learn from this famous story and the famous phrase: "the handwriting on the wall." The story out of Daniel 5 has tremendous implications for today . Please be sure to join as Pastor Dan explains this interesting story from God's Word.

God's Delay's Doesn't Mean God's Denials Mark 5:22-26, 35-42,

Its hard to wait, but God promises to bless those who do.

Its hard to wait, but God promises to bless those who do.

Sunday Sermon August 6, 2017

Pastor Dan will be using Jesus raising of Jairus daughter and the healing of the Woman with a blood issue as a lesson in patience and waiting on God. Too often we want answers from God now. Jesus did not act instantly to go to Jairus daughter to heal her while she was still alive. Instead, en route he stopped to heal a woman with a blood issue while it appears letting the little girl die. Instead, Jesus had something greater in mind when He raised her from the dead. By waiting, Jesus did a greater miracle in giving her back her life. There are tremendous lessons from this story that Pastor Dan will be dealing with as He preaches God's Word Sunday. Join us for this exciting study, especially if you have trouble waiting on God.