Dan Nelson, the Author

Dan Nelson has served as a Baptist Pastor for the last 45 years in 3 churches. He has served as pastor of First Baptist Church of Camarillo, CA in the greater LA area for the last 33 years. 
Dan has two earned doctorates from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and California Graduate School of Theology. His first book was published last year: "Baptist Revival: Reaffirming Baptist Principles in Today's Changing Church Scene." "Game On All the Time: Growing up in the Home of a Legendary Football Coach: L.R. Nelson" was released in February this year. The book deals with stories and a biography about his Dad who was a His School Championship Football Coach. His 3rd book published: "A Burning and Shining Light: The Testimony and Influence of George Whitefield" has just been released. The book deals with the biography of the famous British evangelist in the First Great Awakening of the 18th century. 
In addition to his proposed book projects, Dan has contributed various articles to blog sites, and other publications. He has 5,000 Facebook friends, a Ministry page which highlights his publications and manages his church group site on Facebook. His church website is: fbccamarillo.com.

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Baptist biographies and happenings in american history

Dan's fourth book: "Baptist Biographies and Happenings in American History" has just been released. It is chronological biography of interesting and famous Baptist leaders in America. Divided into two sections he covers 44 biographies and six historical events in his book. The book follows a continuous thread from Roger Williams to the present day in concise bite-sized biographies. It deals with beginnings, history and affinity with other groups. Each biography builds upon the other to illustrate the main highlights of the Baptist movement. The book is strongly endorsed by Baptist leaders and scholars and richly researched.


The amazing story of one rising out of obscurity to become a pivotal leader in the History of Christianity is seen in the life of George Whitefield. His preaching on two continents became the catalyst for the First Great Awakening in the first half of the 18th Century before the birth of America as a nation.

Over 300 years have passed since Whitefield's birth, but his influence still lives on today. The thrilling adventure of his life is captured by Dan Nelson in his new biography of the great evangelist's life. Nelson has devoted much of his ministry to a serious study of Whitefield as to his preaching, influence and model of ministry.

The new work captures the journey of Whitefield in his preaching ministry that took him across the Atlantic seven times. It is one of the most purely chronological accounts of his life. The major events of his ministry and impact on the world are covered and thoroughly researched. You don't want to miss the historical and inspirational story bound to excite you about the Lord's work and what a life can do solely devoted to the furtherance of the gospel.   

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Game On All the Time shows how a father can fuel a competitive spirit in his sons while at the same time instill values through his involvement in their lives. You are bound to like Game on All the Time and want to share it with a friend. It will appeal to all sports fans as well as parents desiring to have a positive impact in their children's lives. Anyone wanting to be uplifted and enjoy a good laugh will also enjoy this book that lets you experience hometown Americana.

Pastor Dan says, "The book is about my Dad and the stories related to him as Head Football Coach and the characters he interacted with." Homespun humor abounds and is recalled in my Dad's football coaching career and it's impact on me and my brothers.

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What if someone asked you: What are important truths Baptist believe as first and foremost Christians? Learn what Baptists have in common with other Christians as well as those truths that seem to be unique or highlighted more by Baptist Churches. The book not only gives you plenty of scripture but also is different if its presentation through examining the  historical background of certain practices and how they have shaped Baptists because of Pastor Dan's background as a Church historian.  

The changing trends in churches are examined in light of truths that Baptist have held for centuries. It is a great primer on Christian beliefs and practices told from a biblical, historical and practical perspective. The book will help you to understand more about our church.

The book is personally available from Pastor Dan or may purchased from the publisher by clicking the below button.