Pastor Dan Nelson speaking at a Conference for Workers.  

Pastor Dan Nelson speaking at a Conference for Workers.


What if...You could find a church that when you walk through the door you feel right at home?

You would be greeted, not bowled over. Treated warmly as you sense people who really love and care about you and your family.

What if...You could find a church that really honors the Bible?

Worship services would include reading from the Bible collectively as a congregation. The pastor would use the Bible to explain what the Bible says and means. The church would not just pay lip service to the Bible as the inspired Word of God but would use it as their authority for faith and practice.

What if...You could find a church that would either help you get connected to God in a personal way through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, or helped you have a closer walk with Him?

The church would stand for the core teachings of scripture and particularly the gospel. The church would not be ashamed of the gospel but call people to a right relationship with God through Christ. That church would lift the Lord Jesus over any human personality. That church would actually live out what it means to be the body of Christ in the world.

What if...There was a church which let you know what the Bible says about various subjects affecting our culture?

What if...That church had a pastor who lovingly sought to expose truth and error?

He would call sin what it really is and at the same time lead the church to extend a hand of grace and forgiveness to all who came to that church.

What if...You found a church that ministered to all age groups and didn't act like a club, catering to some and excluding others?

What if...You find youth activities, senior fellowship, children's events and small group Bible studies in that church?

What if...That church offered preschool care that was safe, clean, and put your mind at ease about your children while you attended worship services?

What if...You found a church that knew what they believed and could help you find answers for your life through the scripture?

What if...This church realized where it had come from and revered America's godly heritage while knowing where they were going?

What if...That church honored, prayed for, and welcomed those in our country's military gladly and willingly?

Well, that church exists. We feel it is our church: First Baptist Church of Camarillo. Our church seeks to lift up Christ, explain the Bible, help people think biblically, minister to all age groups and welcome you with Christian fellowship.

If you would like us to contact you personally through visitation or a phone call, please let us know. We would love to share information about our church with you. Just give us a call at (805) 484-2879 and we will be glad to respond.

Thanks for visiting our website. We want to share the vital truths of God's word with you, so please don't hesitate to contact us. I will be looking for you soon with a Bible in hand and a message on my heart. See you in church!

Dan Nelson, Pastor

First Baptist Church of Camarillo, CA