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First Baptist Church

1601 Temple Ave., Camarillo, CA 93010

(805) 484-2879

Biblical Exposition, Incorporating Fellowship, Challenging Discipleship

Holding Forth the Word of Life...Phil. 2: 16

Join us this weekend for...

Sunday Morning Worship     -     Sunday School at 9:15 a.m.  for all ages!

                                                        Worship Service at 10:30 a.m.

Sunday Evening Activities     -     AWANA (during the school year)

                                                  -     Evening Service and Bible Study at 6:30 p.m.

Saturday Evening                   -     Prayer Meeting at 6:30 p.m.

The 7 Trumpet Judgements indicate further judgment on the earth and its inhabitants.

The 7 Trumpet Judgements indicate further judgment on the earth and its inhabitants.

The 7 Trumpets in Revelation 8 and 9 will be seen and how they apply to the last days will be covered in the continued study of the book of Revelation. Many happenings presently could intensify in the last days.  See how it is possible and will happen as Pastor Dan continues to lead us in this study.  

How will it all end up?   The Sermon series on Revelation will continue next Sunday Oct. 23, when we look at the 7 Trumpets of judgment in the 10:30 AM worship service. Pastor Nelson is preaching through Revelation chapter by chapter.

Daniel and the 3 friends refusing to eat the meat from the King's Table.

Daniel and the 3 friends refusing to eat the meat from the King's Table.

We begin a study of the book on Daniel on Sunday Nights at 6 PM. The setting of the book is seen in Daniel 1 as Daniel refuses to compromise with the Babylonians in what they ate and later in how they lived. The standofGodly people in uncertain times and against adversity is a helpful study for our day and age.  

We are back to  6 PM with our Bible Study of Daniel in the library of our Church. AWANA will begin at 5 PM. Check out our Ministries section for the AWANA information, enrollment &  involvement. Call the church for more help in doing this. We would love to have you in Bible Study while your children are in AWANA. You don't have to have children in AWANA, however to be involved in our verse by verse study in Philippians.  If you have any questions about the Bible Study call the church office at (805) 484-2879.

5oth Anniversary Crowd Shot  

5oth Anniversary Celebration Crowd Shot

Welcome to First Baptist Church of Camarillo

We invite you to come and find out first-hand what Christian fellowship and the life-changing message of biblical truth can do in your life. You can expect to be welcomed warmly and greeted with joy, when you come worship with us at our church as we introduce you to our ministry.

You can learn more about our church, the beliefs and practices, avenues of worship / study / encouragement, as well as our ministries here on our website.

We strive for the revolutionary fellowship of Christians in the church Jesus started in His ministry and empowered with His Spirit after the day of Pentecost. Our goal is to allow God to develop genuine Christian fellowship and care for others in our congregation, as opposed to just coming and only going through the motions of being in church.

We look forward to seeing you in church on Sunday morning and meeting you.

 We believe the areas of ministry you will find in our church cannot only be refreshing but also life-changing.

Use this opportunity to explore our website - feel free to ask any questions - and above all, come experience what our church is all about.

We primarily offer - biblical exposition, incorporating fellowship, and challenging discipleship.

Come and worship with us. Become a part of our music ministry. Study the Bible with us. Join a small group Bible study. Experience a study of God's Word!

Childcare is available and we have many children's ministries that they can get involved in. Sunday School - AWANA - Vacation Bible School - and other opportunities.

We are glad you visited our website and will look forward to meeting you soon!


- PASTOR DAN nelson's NEW BOOK -

Baptist Revival: Reaffirming Baptist Principles in Today's Changing Church Scene

is Available at the following outlets

Autographed copies of the book are available directly from: the pastor (by cash/check only)

Local bookstores of Christian Family Supply in Camarillo or Abednego Books in Ventura

Faithful Life Publishers (by credit card)

The book is also available as an e-book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Eden.co.uk, as well as other online retailers.

This book is not just for Baptists and pastors. It gives you the core teachings of New Testament Christianity with verses, history, and illustrations.

A direct link for Faithful Life Publishers  

Dan Nelson Author's page on Amazon

Published in May, this book is very helpful in understanding the prominent beliefs of Baptist Churches in comparison to other churches and practices.